Goulbourn Recreation Complex to Undergo Re-Branding in Naming Rights Deal

Ottawa City Council has approved a 15-year naming rights deals with Cardel Homes that will see a comprehensive re-branding of the Centre under the name CARDEL REC – Goulbourn. This follows a similar strategy used to re-brand Cardel Rec South in Calgary where Cardel is headquartered.

With the 15-year, $600,000 deal, Cardel Homes intends to implement a wide range of activities to fully leverage the opportunity including offering new homeowners complimentary access to the facility, re-branding the exterior and interior of the Centre and developing events that represent gaps in community programming.

Bernie Colterman of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing who brokered the deal suggests that the approach taken by Cardel to rename the facility under the company brand is a wise marketing strategy because it makes it easier to remember and use the Cardel name in association with the facility. “The simpler the name, the better” states Colterman who adds that “the new brand should take less time to develop stickiness in the community and reinforce Cardel’s role in the area”.

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