According to experts, we now have 8 seconds to keep people’s attention span says Brian Thwaits, Brain Trainer, who delivered the Closing Keynote at MARCOM’s 19th annual conference on May 30-31, 2017 in Ottawa. MARCOM Annual Conference is produced by the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing as a means of helping to advance marketing and communications in the nonprofit and public sectors.

According to Thwaits, a 2015 Microsoft study found that since 2000, the average attention span has dropped 33 percent, from 12 to 8 seconds. He says this is mainly because of  24/7 technology and the incredible amount of information that is now coming our way.

Along the same lines of the […]

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According to the Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada, preliminary results of the Canadian  Sponsorship Landscape Study show that municipalities are now attracting 11.4% of the sponsorship investment in Canada. That’s more than arts, cause and education. The municipal sector has grown from “not on the radar” to a major player in the sponsorship market over the course of the last few years.

It doesn’t surprise me as I’ve seen this coming for a while. We saw the potential a number of years ago and that was the main impetus behind the creation of the Municipal Forum on Sponsorship in 2010 – to give municipalities an opportunity to share […]

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Whether you are recruiting new members, seeking sponsorship or selling exhibit space at an event, the value of your brand has a huge impact on how people perceive your efforts and respond to your “ask”.

Your brand is not just a logo – it is what people think of you – your reputation. A lot of organizations engage in revenue-building activities without giving a second thought to what kind of organization their prospects are buying into. If I am going to consider joining your association, investing in exhibit space, sponsoring an event or even donating for an activity, I want to know that I’m associating myself with an organization that […]

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