New Details the Municipal Forum on Sponsorship

On October 15th, at the Grand Hotel in Toronto, we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Municipal Forum on Sponsorship. This Forum was developed in response to the needs expressed by many municipalities across Canada to have an education event geared to the specific challenges that municipalities face in generating sustainable revenue through Naming Rights and other corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with dozens of municipalities about what they are doing and the challenges they face when implementing these kinds of initiatives, from how do they identify and valuate their assets to how do they get staff, Council and community buy-in for these partnerships. The Municipal Forum on Sponsorship will examine solutions to these and many other issues, as well as explore our approach to implementing the City of Ottawa’s innovative sponsorship program.

I’m also pleased to announce that Doug Blakley, Manager of Advertising and Sponsorship with the Town of Whitby and Ian McDougall, Director of Recreation and Culture for the Town of Newmarket will join us for a lively discussion on Municipal Naming Rights.

If you are from the municipal sector, the Municipal Forum on Sponsorship will bring you up-to-date on the latest developments at the municipal level and connect you with like-minded colleagues from across Canada.  I hope to see you in Toronto on October 15th!

Later, BC

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