Top 10 Sponsorship Resolutions for 2008

It’s a new year and time to get on track and remove some of those bad habits we’ve picked up in the previous year. Here are my Top 10 New Year Resolutions that you should consider if you want to be successful at sponsorships.

Repeat each of the resolutions below with right hand firmly placed over your heart (in patriotic fashion). I resolve:

1. To understand the associative value of my sponsorship property (s) so that when a prospect asks, I have a clear answer why they should invest in my sponsorship program;

2. To listen to the needs of prospects before submitting a sponsorship proposal;

3. To move beyond “cookie cutter” sponsorship packages;

4. To have a rationale for how I price on my sponsorship packages;

5. To prospect for leads on a year-round basis;

6. To set aside time each week to conduct “cold calls”;

7. To faithfully deliver sponsorship benefits as outlined in the agreement;

8. To ask for the sponsorship sale;

9. To ask sponsors how they will measure success – and provide post-sponsorship reports that address their criteria;

10. To be a sponsorship ambassador by delivering added value to sponsors and promoting the discipline as a legitimate and effective marketing medium.

Good luck in 2008!

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