Goulbourn Recreation Complex to Undergo Re-Branding in Naming Rights Deal

Ottawa City Council has approved a 15-year naming rights deals with Cardel Homes that will see a comprehensive re-branding of the Centre under the name CARDEL REC – Goulbourn. This follows a similar strategy used to re-brand Cardel Rec South in Calgary where Cardel is headquartered.

With the 15-year, $600,000 deal, Cardel Homes intends to implement a wide range of activities to fully leverage the opportunity including offering new homeowners complimentary access to the facility, re-branding the exterior and interior of the Centre and developing events that represent gaps in community programming. Continue reading “Goulbourn Recreation Complex to Undergo Re-Branding in Naming Rights Deal”

Sponsorship Provides a Platform for Brand Activism

Today companies need to be seen as more than just profit-driven. They need to be seen as leaders in their fields. One of the ways to do this is by being viewed as having an impact on our biggest societal problems or by making our world a better place in which to live, work and play. Simply talking about it isn’t good enough – companies need to demonstrate these brand values on a daily basis. Continue reading “Sponsorship Provides a Platform for Brand Activism”

All You Have is 8 Seconds

photo_brainAccording to experts, we now have 8 seconds to keep people’s attention span says Brian Thwaits, Brain Trainer, who delivered the Closing Keynote at MARCOM’s 19th annual conference on May 30-31, 2017 in Ottawa. MARCOM Annual Conference is produced by the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing as a means of helping to advance marketing and communications in the nonprofit and public sectors. Continue reading “All You Have is 8 Seconds”